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UK Visa Guide From Pakistan

UK Visa Guide From Pakistan

UK visa or United Kingdom’s visa is extremely hard to get on a Pakistani passport, last year I tried my luck to visit UK to watch the ICC cricket world cup but failed to do so because I forget to include a page of my bank’s statement. Below I have written the UK visa guide from Pakistan to all the people who want to apply for the visa of United Kingdom from Karachi, Pakistan.

UK Visa Documents from Pakistan

  • A passport that is valid for the next 6 months.
  • Old/expired passports.
  • Bank statement of the the 6 months.
  • Service letter from the company (if employed) stating, salary, work duration, job role designation and company details.
  • Business documents (if self-employed)
  • Family registration certificate (FRC)
  • NTN certificates
  • Property documents (if any)
  • Hotel reservations & flight bookings are not required unless asked separately.
  • Cover Letter stating every activity from entering the UK territory to leaving it.
  • 6 month salary slips/pension slips

These are the main documents that one MUST prepare in order to apply for the UK tourist visa from Karachi, Pakistan. There are several different that the UK embassy can request if needed, they range from your vehicle documentation to your marriage certificate to your stock holdings etc. UK visa fees from Pakistan is 95 Pounds per person, which rounds off to 19600 PKR currently.

Application of UK visa online

You will have to fill an online application form for UK tourist visit visa and this form can be found HERE after clicking APPLY NOW you will be taken to a step by step UK visa application form, it is quite long so spare a good 2 hours without any distractions to fill it. You will need to create an account with a single form you submit and that account will be linked to your email, so create the account and follow the step by step process of filling the visa form. Once you are done submitting the visa form, book an appointment at the Gerry’s UK visa application center online (with your UK visa application form), take the printout of the visa application form & Gerry’s appointment form and along with the documents mentioned above, reach the Gerry’s office for submission of your documents. Recently you can upload all the visa supporting documents yourself online, but that system is filled with glitches, so I would recommend going to the application center and get it done from there.

At the VFS Global UK visa application center Karachi, you will have to submit all the documents for scanning which will be returned to you, only your passport will be kept for further visa processing. Your bio-metrics & pictures will be taken.

Final notes

UK visa is one of the most difficult to get on the Pakistani passport, so make sure that you do your complete homework before applying. Make a realistic cover letter, have adequate funds in your bank account (500,000 PKR at least for a 7 day UK trip), & make every effort possible to present that you are going to return back to Pakistan, because the visa officers examine every visa application as a potential person who will NOT return to their home country. So its your task to change their mind.

UK Visa tutorial video

I have also made a video on why the UK visa gets refused on the Pakistani passport.

If you have any comments or questions then feel free to ask in the comments section below and I would try my level best to answer.

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