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Gabeen Jabba Camping Pods SWAT

Gabeen Jabba Camping Pods SWAT

In September 2021, while conducting online research for honeymoon destinations following our budget-friendly and distinctive wedding, I discovered a breathtaking location in the Swat region of Pakistan known as Gabeen Jabba or Gabin Jabba. Personally, I believe that spending a maximum of two nights in this enchanting place would suffice. Beyond that duration, the experience may start to lose its charm and become somewhat monotonous. These Gabeen Jabba camping pods are bound to give your honey moon the memorable charm that would last a lifetime. Best part is that is won’t break your bank in the times of heavy inflation in Pakistan.

Introduction to the camping pods

The best part about this place that the KPK government has created really beautiful camping pods in a meadow of Gabin Jabba & those pods serve very well as a little upgraded version of camps. These camping pods are are equipped with the basic amenities that are required like fan, adequate beds, alright blankets, lights, hot water in the washrooms and etc. You can have a look at the detailed review of Gabin Jabba camping pods in the video below.

Gabeen Jabba Camping Pods Review 2021

The road to the top

You will leave your vehicle at the bottom & hire many 4X4s & local vans taking you up to the top at the camping pods site as normal vehicles can’t be taken to the pods because of the road’s situation. These vehicles will charge you anywhere from RS. 1000 to RS. 2000 depending upon your negotiation skills. I gave Rs. 2400 both ways.

The road condition to Gabin Jabba camping pods 2021

Condition of Pods & amenities

There are a few things that I would like to mention here that since the camping pods with 2 beds will cost you only Rs. 3000/night & the room with 4 beds is for 5000/night, so don’t expect much out of it. The place is established to give you a sense of camping without the usual problems or issues that a camper faces when doing it the traditional way.

As for the amenities at the Gabeen Jabba camping pods, you will find sufficient enough to make your stay a memorable one. The place has a kitchen with cooks, who’d cook on order. You can choose anything from their limited menu which includes, veggies, rice, meat, chicken and fish for lunch and dinner & omelets, fried eggs and parantha for the breakfasts.

Whats to explore & which Sim card to take

There are certain hiking spots over here where you can work some cardio at but the USP of this place is its serenity & calmness. It’s a great place to unwind if you want to get away from your daily life completely as the only mobile or cell phone signals you will get in gabin jabba is of Jazz, that too at some spots.

How to book Gabeen Jabba Camping Pods

For the booking of these camping pods you can visit the website of KPK Tourism (which never works) or you can directly get in touch with Mr. Asad, the manager of this place for the manual booking at 0315-9196333 & if you are calling from some other country then dial +9-2315-9196333 . Support local tourism guys & please DO NOT LITTER THAT BEAUTIFUL PLACE. Thank You

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