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Fitness & Nutrition

Gym isn’t just place I spend my hour at. For me, gym is an integral part of my lifestyle. My life revolves around the workouts, the nutrition etc.

Over the years I have learnt & perfected the different techniques that are used in weight training, from hypertrophy, to HIIT, to circuit training to power lifting to crossfit training and much more. Same goes for the nutrition part, with the passage of time I have learnt what diet plan would what with a certain kind of a body type that has a certain goal to achieve.

There is no one fix for all in fitness, every body needs to be catered to differently than the other, every one is different, all over the internet I see these hoax trainers and nutritionists selling people 30-40-50 day challenges giving them drastic diets which wreck havoc with their metabolism.

Bear in mind that the fitness journey isn’t for days or weeks. It takes months & years to reach that level of sustainable healthy fit body and mind. I always propagate that fitness and clean eating should be made as a integral part of your daily life for, forever lasting effects.

I don’t sell my clients crash diets & extreme weekly ‘HOAX’ programs. My philosophy of achieving a fitness goal is mid to long term. ‘Fit at Home’ has been serving different clients from different age groups to different fitness goals for over 3 years now.