Hi there :). My name is Ovais Khan, married to a Somali woman & I currently reside in Karachi, Pakistan. There was no reason as such to create the website of my own but I always wanted to have a domain on my name and when I looked it up and found it vacant, I purchased it. *yayy* 😀

Professionally I am a digital marketer at an IT firm and the niche I work in is cyber security or cyber privacy to be precise. Apart from that I have been a part of fitness industry for well over a decade, I give out personal training & nutrition consultancy to my clients from all over the world, be it weight loss or weight gain, I have got you covered :). Lastly, I trade in Pakistan Stock Exchange as well, I have been a stock trader for a good 7-8 years now and still learning the craft of reading candle sticks.

As for my hobbies and pastime, they include travelling (7 countries and counting), Gym & fitness & Formula-1.

Apart from all that, I live an extremely simple life with my old mother & soon I plan to unite with my interracial love and start a family with her. If you want to get in touch with me you can drop me an email on ovaiskhan666@gmail.com & I will most definitely get back to you.