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Pakistan Stock Exchange – PSX

I have always believed in saving & investment a certain amount out of your income. Over the years I have learnt through trial and error of how to invest in stocks, mutual funds & national savings for keeping the equity depreciation factor to a minimum. In short, if your 100 rs get your 12 dozen eggs currently, after a few years you will only get 2 eggs for 100 RS. because of the constant depreciation of your Pakistan currency.

That is why I always propagate saving and investing out of your monthly income, so that the time value of money doesn’t kill the worth of your idle money.

Data portal of PSX is great way for a newbie to start learning about companies that are registered in the Pakistan Stock Exchange. From there you can eye the companies which are on a growth trend for the last 5 years, the companies which aren’t performing too well for a period of time and the companies or the stocks which you see making gains in the future. This page gives us the comprehensive guide to the strategy planning when it comes to our own investment.

Coronavirus (Covid19) has crashed the stock markets all over the world, but as some wise person said, when the world is busy buying toilet paper, the wise men are busy buying stocks of the companies which will perform better in the near future. Everything is at discount right now, so this a very good time for enter in the Pakistani stock market.