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Canada Immigration scams

Canada Immigration scams

Canada has opened up its door for immigrants from all over the world with the condition being that they fall in the category of “Skilled worker” or “skilled labor” as Canadian govt. calls it, meaning that they have to have certain criteria to pass for the immigration pre-requisite. They have different NOCs on their official website, NOC represents the type of industry in which the workers are required or the type of professions that are in demand, hence the people with relevant experience and education can apply.

Immigration Scams

Many consultants in Pakistan and I am sure round the world are minting money over this scenario. Some are genuine consultants who give you expert advice over when to apply, how to apply and also take care of your paper work, if you do not have time to apply it yourself and some consultants give you fake promises and false guarantees and charge exorbitant amount of money to lure you with Canadian Immigration.

You need to understand that this process is entirely doable by yourself. YOU DO NOT NEED ANY CONSULTANT TO APPLY FOR THE CANADIAN IMMIGRATION.

Everything is explicitly mentioned on the website HERE, go through each and every step and you won’t be needing to pay heavy chunks of money to the fake or the genuine consultants selling you hopes.


This is another scam where the consultant asks you to pay anywhere between 40,000 CAD to 60,000 CAD for a job offer from Canada. DON’T FALL FOR THAT !!! As the Canadian government requires LIMA for an employer to present before hiring anybody from outside Canada, and the employers do not pursue that route because it’s expensive, and they can easily find local resources without having to pay a hefty amount of LIMA FEES unless you are Albert Einstein.

Final Word

Only choose the route of hiring an immigration consultant IF you do not have the time to apply on your own, else you can apply by yourself. I have written a blog on How to Apply for Canada Visa by yourself – else do not fall for the job scam from Canada, because keep in mind that LIMA is required for any Canadian company to hire an employee from abroad. However, if you marry a Canadian citizen or Canadian PR holder then things become easy for you to migrate to Canada. In the meantime go through the CIC website so have more information on immigration and keep in mind that


If you have any questions on Canadian immigration from Pakistan then leave me a message in the comments below and I will try to reply you when i get some time.

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