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Healthy iftaar in Ramadhan | Ramzan 2022

Healthy iftaar in Ramadhan | Ramzan 2022

The holy month of Ramadhan (Ramzan) is right around the corner and the question of weight loss often arises in this month. In Ramadhan our metabolism goes topsy turvy because of the fact that we dont get the nutrients right, we dont get the proper sleep required and we often end up hogging down the iftaari till we are about to puke.

Ramadhan Ifari
The main culprits behind those love handles | Pakoray

Iftaar : Refrain from binging

We usually take iftaar as the final meal we are going to eat in our lifetime. Pakoras, Samosas act as your friends disguised as enemies. I wouldn’t ask you divorce them completely, but strike deal with these guys so that your taste buds don’t curse you, take a single samosa or 2 small pakoray instead of hogging a dozen down your stomach. Fruit chaat is tempting, but keep in mind that it has sugar calories in it, so you would be better off eating a combination of fruits only (a single banana with an apple and some oranges would do).

Soft drinks
A BIG NO to soft drinks

Sugary drinks? NO !!!

You might be tempted to gulp down the glass or can of your favorite pepsi or coke or pakola even, but trust me you would be much better off staying away from these. Drink milk instead. Add a table spoon of honey in warm milk stir it up and you have your protein and carb cocktail ready to quench your thirst with.

Glass of water
H2O the real deal


Last but not the least. Drink plenty of water at regular intervals throughout till Sehr from your Iftaar time. It hydrates your body with much needed fluid after a long day of fasting & keeps your kidneys well oiled up.

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