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Coronavirus Vaccination in Pakistan 2021

Coronavirus Vaccination in Pakistan 2021

Let’s face it !! Covid-19 is here to stay. It isn’t going anywhere. So instead of running away from it or knitting up conspiracy theories that whether it exists or not, whether it’s a conspiracy or whatnot, get yourself vaccinated. Because it’s better to be safe than sorry. In this write up I am doing to write down the process of ‘How to get yourself registered for Coronavirus or Covid19 vaccination in Pakistan”.

Sinopharm vaccine Pakistan
Pakistan will primarily be using Sinopharm Vaccine from China

Covid19 Vaccination Registration process Pakistan

Pakistan has already started the immunization program for its population and it is primarily using the Sinopharm’s (Chinese vaccine) & Sputnik (Russian Vaccine) to vaccinate the people of Pakistan.

Currently, only over the people who are the age of 50 and above are allowed to register for Coronavirus vaccination in Pakistan. How do you register for the COVID19 vaccination in Pakistan? Log on to the website portal of NIMS (National Immunization Management System) – Here you will find all the instructions written in Urdu, you will have to fill in with the details such as:

  • NIC (National Identity Card number)
  • CNIC issue date
  • Cell phone number
  • Captcha (An activity that you will have to perform in order to look human)
  • And press the blue button of (Indraaj karain) that means to submit
That is how the actual form looks like

Once you are done with the process then you will receive a CODE on your cell phone, keep that text message save on your phone because you will have to show it on the day of your vaccination. That text message will also consist of your designated date on which you will have to go to get yourself vaccinated from COVID19 in Pakistan.

It will be two doses that you will be administered with, after the first one, the second dose takes about 20 days of time in between. Make sure you go with a full stomach. One more thing you will have to take care of, though the Islamic scholars have allowed getting yourself vaccinated in Ramazan/Ramadhan while fasting, & vaccination won’t have any effect on your fast (as it won’t break it), I would advise you to leave the fast on the day of your vaccination and do the Qaza of your Roza after you are done with vaccination. Allah is Raheem, have faith in him, use your due diligence. Oh, if you want healthy Iftaar diet tips then you can follow the page linked.

Coronavirus vaccination at Private facilities in Pakistan

The government of Pakistan has also allowed private hospitals and facilities to administer COVID19 vaccination in Pakistan against their designated fee. So if you are rich and have the resources you can directly go to the Coronavirus vaccination centers in Karachi, Sindh to get yourself vaccinated. No need to go through the process mentioned above.

Currently, only the three hospitals mentioned above are administering Coronavirus vaccines for Pakistanis for all ages against payment of RS. 12,000/- to Rs. 13,000/- Pakistani Rupees. All the hospitals have different ways of getting registered to click on the links above and find out yourself. These hospitals are administering the Russian Sputnik V vaccine in Pakistan.

Covid19 Vaccination In Pakistan

After effects of Covid19 Vaccine

You may feel fever (high to low), cough, body ache, & flu after getting vaccinated, but these symptoms will subside after 24 hours, just take the normal Panadol when the fever gets too high.

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