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Turkey tourist visa guide from Pakistan

Turkey tourist visa guide from Pakistan

This is a step by step guide of How to apply Turkey tourist visa from Pakistan.

Turkey has become the recent favorite tourism spot for the Pakistani community. Travelers from all over Pakistan visit Turkey because of the facts that we get direct flights from all the major cities of Pakistan to Istanbul and the visa is easy to obtain. In this guide I have tried to include every single step in the documentation of Turkish visa process from Karachi, Pakistan. After getting the visa I visited Istanbul & Cappadocia. You can read more about my ISTANBUL TRAVEL GUIDE and CAPPADOCIA HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE in detail.

Turkey visa application center Karachi

Gerry’s (Gateway) is the third-party organization that is designated with the task of collecting visa applications of Turkey from Pakistan. Their office is located on Razi road, PECHS, Karachi & the directions to their office can be found HERE .

Turkish visa application process

The process of applying for Turkish visa is very simple, just produce all the required documents, take them along with you to the application center I have mentioned above, submit the documents and you will be called to collect your passport in 15 days time. You DO NOT need to go for any travel agent to help you with the Turkey visa documentation, everything can be done by yourself. The total Turkey tourist visa fee is 10,000+7,232 (Service fees) RS = 17,232 RS. for single entry visa. Below is the list of documents you should prepare before going to the Gateway turkish visa center.

  • Visa application form that is to be filled online & submitted using CAPITAL LETTERS. Answer all the questions, submit it and take a printed copy of this form with you to the visa application center in Karachi. If you are traveling with a spouse, or a parent or any other relative, you will have to will another form in this same application, which you will get after completing this form.
  • Cover Letter which states your entire trip, from point A to point Z. Mention everything clearly. Instead of using the worlds like “May” “Might” use the words “WILL”, that shows the concreteness of your plans. Also include your passport number with your cover letter.
  • Passport that is valid for six months. Photocopies of the first two pages, all the used pages, & all the old passports attached with it.
  • Two 5×5 passport photographs with a white background & the pictures must be taken with in the last six months.
  • Travel insurance that covers up to 50,000 US$ of expenses. I used Habib Insurance and bought it online but you can check Smart choice website, it will help you a great deal in comparing and choosing the insurance policies.
  • Polio vaccination certificate
  • Dummy Flight reservation & dummy hotel booking
  • Family registration certificate (FRC). This can be obtained from any Nadra office.
  • Salary certificate mentioning your current salary, the duration of employment, date of employment and designation also get the vacation approval on the same letter from the employer and this all should be printed on the Letterhead of the company. For business owners, the complete details of the business alongside the purpose of visit. Retired govt. employees should bring a photocopy of retirement certificate.
  • 3 months salary slips for salaried people and 3 months pension slip for retied personnel.
  • 3 months bank statement and account maintenance letter.
  • NTN
  • A death certificate of the husband may be asked from a widow.

With these documents head straight to the Getway office and submit them after taken your token. Over there you will be asked to give a written interview where you will be asked questions regarding your trip and etc.

Turkey visa procedure video

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