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Pakistan Evisa Guide

Pakistan Evisa Guide

How to get Pakistan Evisa is a question which came in the minds of the people who wanted to visit Pakistan. Pakistan has introduced a huge change to its visa system, which has made things easier for the people who want to visit Pakistan for tourism, or meeting their family etc. Gone are those days when the tourists and travelers from other countries used to apply for Pakistan Visa through the embassies or the consulates.

Pakistan Online Visa

Apply Pakistan Evisa Online

Recently a friend of mine has applied for Pakistani Evisa from USA all by herself and it took her only 6 hours to get the visa. This article would help you avoid the mistakes that people usually make in their application of Pakistan Evisa. This is a step by step guide on How can a person apply Pakistan Evisa from online.

  • Log on to the website of Nadra Online Visa System Pakistan and create an account (you will have to set your browsers resolution to the maximum on desktop else this page will give error that the resolution of your device isn’t supported.
  • This visa portal is difficult to be accessed through a cell phone because of the resolution issues the website has so always use a desktop or a laptop with higher resolutions.
Create account/Login page
  • Next up you will face the page that is shown above in the picture, since it will be your first time so you need to click on ‘Create A New Account’.
  • Next up it will take you to a page where you will be asked to fill in with your information like full name, passport number and etc
  • From there onwards, just follow the instructions on the subsequent pages which will require you to fill in with the details such as passport number, your photo upload (45mm to 35mm), your scanned passport copy, your hotel booking (in case of tourist visa), day by day itinerary (incase of tourist visa).
  • As optional documents it is advised that you include as much mandatory documents as possible to make the process swift
  • After entering all the information and uploading all the documents you will be taken to a ‘REVIEW’ page where after viewing all the information that you have entered you will be required to pay for the visa.
  • You can do the payment with a Credit card or a Debit card, it took my friend $60 because she opted for a single entry first time Pakistani Visa.
  • According to the website it says that you will receive the visa or an answer to your application in 5-7 days but for my friend it only took 6 hours and she got her visa granted.

Please provide us letter by sponsor/hotel letter by operator (recog. by dept. of tourist services)

When you are in the process of uploading your documents you will come across this statement. It says that the Hotel booking from booking.com or any other authentic booking website will suffice but instead of taking a chance with that, it is advised that you should get an “Attested Sponsorship/Invitation letter from Notary public officer” from a Citizen of Pakistan made. I wrote the Pakistan Visa Sponsorship Letter myself and got it attested from the advocate Notary public officer and submitted that with the application and it did the job. You can check out the Pakistan visa sponsorship/invitation letter below which I wrote for my friend.

Sponsorship/Invitation Letter for Pakistan Visa

That is the letter which I attached for my friend’s visa and it got accepted and she received her visa in 6 hours.

Bear in mind that you will have to bring a negative Covid test report when you enter Pakistan and that test is acceptable only if it is taken 72 hours before boarding the flight & since Pakistan is very close to Turkey, if you want to visit turkey then you can check out my Turkey visa guide from Pakistan here.

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