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Japan Visa Guide

Japan Visa Guide

How to apply for Japanese tourist visa from Karachi, Pakistan

Japanese tourist visa on a Pakistani passport is one of the hardest to get in the world. I tried to apply for the Japanese visa last year in 2019. I had planned of going to Tokyo & Kyoto from Karachi, Pakistan in my tour of six days if I had gotten the visa, but sadly that was not the case as my visa got rejected. Japanese visa from Karachi, Pakistan is the most simplest of all the visa I have applied up till now, with the minimum of paperwork and pretty straight forward procedure. In this write up I will share the documents required for the Japanese tourist visa from Pakistan & the procedure of those documents in the Japanese Karachi consulate on Abdullah Haroon Road, Karachi.

Japanese Tourist Visa Document list from Karachi, Pakistan

1- Hotel Bookings

Get the dummy hotel bookings done from any travel agency or do it yourself from Booking.com, but make sure to choose the one with free-cancellation.

2- Return Air-ticket booking

You will have to get this “Dummy” ticket from a travel agency, they will charge a slight amount like 1500 RS or 2000 RS and provide you with the flight ticket.

3- Itinerary

The third step is getting the form filled which is called the Itinerary form that can be downloaded from the Japanese consulate Karachi website. Fill the form completely with each and every detail of your trip, from the time to land in Japan to the time to fly back.

4- Back statement, account maintenance letter & NTN

Fetch your bank’s statement of 6 months from the date of application stamped by the bank’s manager alongside an account maintenance certificate. Bear in mind that Japan is one of the most expensive counties in the world, so have at least sufficient funds in your account that will cover your entire trip. (For example: If a person is visiting Japan for tourism for 4 days, he/she must have at least 500,000 RS in the bank account). Also include the income tax returns of the last two years.

5- Job letter or a business letter

In this letter your post, duration of employment, NIC number, salary, & your leave approval from xx day to xx day should be explcitly mentioned by your company. Same goes for the business holder, mention every detail about your business.

6- ID Card copies and Passport

Get a copy of your NIC with you, sometimes it is required, sometimes it is not, but the Original passport along with all the other expired ones are necessary.

7- Visa application form

Visa application form can be downloaded from the website of Japan consulate, Karachi. Fill this form completely with a photograph at the front.


These are the things that are required for the Japanese tourist visa from Karachi, Pakistan. Line all these up and head straight to the Japanese consulate Karachi. There you will have a small interview and they will keep your documents for processing and will let you know the result in 5 days.

If your visa gets rejected the reason will not be told, and you can reapply after 6 months. But the best part about the Japanese visa is that it has NO FEES. Yes you red that right, it does not cost you a single RS as visa fee. So that if the reason why you don’t have to worry about losing the money in the case of a rejection like other countries.

I have also uploaded a YouTube video tutorial on How to apply Japan visa Karachi. Do check it out & also join my Facebook Group “Pakistan Travel Community‘ & Facebook Page ‘Pakistan Travel Community‘.

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