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5 best stocks in PSX

Pakistan stock exchange is currently trading around 34,000 points. These are my favourite stocks for holding mid-term (1-2 years)

Pakistan stock market saw a blood bath in recent Covid times. A couple of months back when the Coronavirus emerged on the scene in the Pakistan, the Pakistani stock exchange followed suit along with its counter-parts worldwide. It saw a blood bath dropping from near 40000 to 26000 points at its rock bottom. But since then the market has recovered a good 6000-7000 points. With the budget right around the corner it is a tricky question that which script the investor should dive into. Below are my five favorite all time stocks with their background.

1- Lucky Cement

Lucky has been my all time favorite. With the extremely strong fundamentals to back, this script should be in everyone’s portfolio list. This company is the strongest cement company in Pakistan by far, & the group which owns it, Younus tabba group, it has several other businesses spread all over. Trading or investing, this script should be your pick.

2- HubCO

Hubco is another big player of the Pakistani stock market. If you look at the financials of this company, you would find it to be the most stable in the Power Sector. HubCO has its fare-share in CPEC as well, which makes it even more lucrative for the investment purposes.

3- HBL (Habib bank limited)

Switching to the banking sector, this script has had its share of ups and downs in the past, but being one of the pioneers of the banking industry in Pakistan, it has firmly entrenched its position in Pakistan as one of the most decorated blue chip stock that investors like to take the entry into.

4- OGDC (Oil & Gas development company)

Although I have not traded in this company ever in my stock trading life, this company is the giant when it comes to market capitalization. With the company being fueled by “Gora” investor mainly, this script it deemed as one of the most reliable of the cash cows in the stock market.

5- FFC (Fauji fertilizer company)

Another company which ranks as the most reliable in terms of dividend disbursement. If you are a risk averse person then this company should definitely be your pick. Strong financial muscle, with the quarterly disbursement of dividends, Fauji fertilizer racks up well with the big boys in the Pakistan Stock Exchange.

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