My interracial marriage

My interracial marriage

From thinking about never getting married ever, to getting married, that too with a Somali, in a short span of 5 months after meeting my sweetheart on Muzmatch.

There is no superiority of an Arab over a non-Arab, or of a non-Arab over an Arab, and no superiority of a white person over a black person or of a black person over a white person, except on the basis of personal piety and righteousness.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

How did it happen?

Well. To be honest with you guys I have had Muzmatch installed in my phone for months, but never had any heed to using it actually. I did however, matched a few desi Pakistani women but they all ran away after hearing that I make a very meager sum of money, live in a very small rented apartment & got no transport of my own lol.

I saw a very simple profile of my begum Amal, which I liked a lot and i swiped right thinking that she’d be another of those girls who’d left swipe after visiting my profile lol, but as they say that when Allah wants to get it done, it gets done by itself. She {without seeing that I live in Pakistan) swiped right on me and we matched. We started talking and the very first day I knew this girl had something in her which made me attracted to her. She had the wit & humor I always wanted in my partner for life. After talking for a bit I showed her picture to my mother and she only asked me if she is a Muslim, to which I said yeah, she is a Somali Muslim & my mum replied that “ooh Somalis are very religious”, that mere sentence from my mum was enough to assure me that I have got her implied consent on this.

Me and Amal on our way to somewhere in a Rickshaw 😀

She came to Pakistan 😀

A month passed away while talking to each other when we finally decided to meet, I sent her the ticket and she came all the way from USA to Pakistan to meet a complete stranger (That is me) in Pakistan. It seems surreal, meeting a girl online, talking to her for one month, and she coming all the way from USA to Karachi to meet a complete stranger lol. Anyway she landed here in Karachi in the month of May 2021, I brought her to mother and they connected instantly. We roamed around in Karachi, met a few relatives and etc and finally after living here for 6 days she took her flight back to Minneapolis, USA. She went back talked to her family, they agreed, and I called her again over here. But before that her mother wanted her to do the religious marriage (Nikah) online so that we becomes my wife religiously which we did on the 7th of August in the presence of her brother and her community while I had my close friends over on my side. The nikah was simple at home, only 5 people from my side and 3 from hers and now my wife is coming in September to Pakistan to legalize the wedding and off to our honeymoon we’re gonna go to :D.

Our simple yet sweet wedding

From the very first day we had planned of having a very simple wedding ceremony which would only have very closest of the people, since she didn’t have anyone coming here for the wedding & I am a kind of a guy who would rather spend on the honeymoon than the big fat wedding. So in the month of September, 2021 she landed here in Karachi, Pakistan we had our wedding at home & I threw a valima (wedding party) which only had 11 people in attendance. After spending 4 days in Karachi we left for our honeymoon in SWAT (Gabin Jabba) & after the honeymoon my wife left for USA & now we plan to meet every 5-6 months for our future honeymoons at different countries in the world.

Me & Begum on our honeymoon 😀

Asia weds Africa

To some, its a complete NO NO zone when they think about going the interracial route. To which, I often say that if our religion has allowed us to marry anyone who so ever falls in the boundaries of Islam then who are we abstain ourselves just because of peer pressure? I saw this beautiful African woman, we fell in love, our families agreed and we got married, AS SIMPLE AS THAT !!! If our religion allows us to go this path then why do seek approval of this society, the world etc, and to be honest, going marrying someone else, a person from a different race than mine was always much exciting to me than marrying someone from my own race, or country.

My wife chose me when I have nothing in my pockets, no cars, no bank balance, no houses etc, but the thing I posses, which made her fall for me is my honesty & my humor. And as they say, the one who choses you at your worst is the one who loves you the most. In the end, I would just like to propagate and preach everyone for the interracial marriage. Trust me guys, its exciting :D. I can’t wait to travel the world with my wife like I did with my mother.

The Wedding day (mashaAllah) 😀

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