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Quarantine cardio workout

Quarantine cardio workout

It has been well over a month since the whole world has locked up inside their homes. Gym rates like me are barely managing to stay fit and active. Now it is the damage limitation time for the people who wanted to bulk up because of the limited amount of weights and exercises that they can do at home. However, for the people who would want to lose weight, the situation isn’t that grim. They can still have a great cardio or a HIIT workout at the comfort of their homes. Follow my routine below to annihilate good 300 to 350 calories in half an hour of workout.

1- Burpees

Burpees are a great heart pounder and a calorie killer. As the picture shows, one should start in a straight standing position and squat down, palms on the floor in a push-ups position complete the push up and thrust your hips upward to proceed to a standing position and jump from there with arms in the air. Do this movement 20 times without stopping in between and move to the next one.

2- Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks
Jumping jacks

From burpees we head on to the Jumping jacks. Jumping jacks will give your heart beat a breather from the preceding burpees. In this movement you only have to jump from a standing position to a spread-legged position as you can see in the picture above with taking your arms over your head in a side rounded position as if you are trying to fly away with your arms spread wide apart. Once the movement is completed, you will come back to the same starting position in a rewind manner. Do these jumping jacks for 30 to 45 seconds to send your heartbeat haywire.

3- Mountain climbers

Mountain climbers

From Jumping jacks after resting for 15 seconds we move to our third exercise that is mountain climbers. In mountain climbers you will get down in a position of a push-up on the floor and by thrusting from your hips you will jump and take the position you can see in the picture above ‘A’. From there onward, again by thrusting your hip upward you will get in position ‘B’ of the diagram. Continue these leg switches for 45 to 60 seconds before moving to the next one.

4- High knees

High knees

This movement is a variation of jogging or sprinting when can be done at the comfort of your room while you are in a covid lockdown. Instead of pressing with your feet backward to sprint here you will simply raise your knees one by one with the motion of your arms as if you are running forward. Keep doing this movement for 45 to 60 seconds.


After you have done all circuit of all four movements with barely 10-15 seconds rest in between lie down on the floor with your legs and arms spread wide apart, take a rest of a minute and start this circuit HIIT all over again. 7-8 rounds of all 4 exercises with the said rest intervals will annihilate your body fat whilst you are stuck in Quarantine because of the CoronaVirus. In order to perform this cardio workout you will only be needing a corner of your room and that is enough. I will be happy to answer your queries regarding fitness, leave your questions with your emails in the comment section below and I will get back to you with their answers.

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